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Open House/Student Appreciation Day is Sunday, August 24th 12-3pm. Meet the Teachers and ask questions. There will be snacks, refreshments and a bouncy house. We will be taking new registrations. All are welcome. Come join the fun and see what our studio has to offer!

The O'Connor Dance Studio has been a family-oriented business in Parma, Ohio for the past 58 years. The dance studio includes three separate classrooms with parent viewing areas, a snack bar, and dressing rooms.

Our studio has an enrollment of approximately 150 students, and conducts over 50 classes each week. Dance styles include tap, acrobatics, modern, lyrical, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip hop, and musical theatre, as well as pre-dance, competition, and adult classes.
Dance Studio Parma Ohio
  Dance School Cleveland Ohio
We employ a team of 14 teachers and three secretaries, whose goal is to make dance a fun experience for your child. At O'Connor Dance Studio, our passion for dance is contagious as we strive to create a love for dance in all of our students, and to feel the satisfaction of learning to do something well. We teach because we enjoy dance, and we want your child to feel the same way. We share the love of dance and performing, and we always have an ear and a hug for our students.
  We provide a quality dance education, and an opportunity for your child to discover the joys of dance. Many of our students continue their dance education at the college level. It's heartwarming to raise students in the studio and become a part of their lives for years and years. Many of our former students now bring their children to the studio, and affirm the benefits they gained from dance classes at our dance studio. We welcome you to O'Connor Dance Studio, and we invite you to join our family of dancers.
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